Initial planning by the Board for the development of the organization took place in early 2004. We took up residence in our former premises in 2006, and in 2008 we moved to our present location. The charity was initially staffed by four people and there are currently 17 people employed in Kingdom Care.

The provision of adequate and expert training is of the utmost importance to us and to enable our staff to work as carers, they have had to undergo considerable preparation in areas such as practical care skills, communication and listening skills, occupational first aid, training in health and safety, training in IT, back care, moving and manual handling and training in health and safety. Staff can also choose from a range of courses if they wish to specialize in a particular area such as palliative care, cross therapeutic hand care or can in addition train as special needs assistants. All of our staff members are vetted.

Since the inception of the organization, it has been very rewarding to see the growth and development of staff members as well as the influence these individuals have in highlighting the plight of carers and, indeed, in viewing the dignity and respect that our members of staff afford clients both by providing the highest levels of care and by maintaining strict patient confidentiality.

Whilst always placing the client at the centre of our work, we would hope, in the future, to co-operate with larger groups in the Kerry area and, in doing so, to build a local network with a view to linking with national organizations. We would also hope to gain more recognition for the difficulties faced by carers and the elderly and especially to heighten awareness of those living in geographical or emotional isolation. In addition to this, we look forward to playing a part in dispelling discriminatory notions of ageism, and to eliminating the negative portrayal of older people by presenting a positive and truer reflection in our information and through constantly. insisting on reinforcing the rights of the elderly.